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At Windows & Doors by Jasmine, we know doors make a lasting impact on your home’s appeal, security, and efficiency. Our certified team excels in installing top-quality doors from renowned brands like Premium, Milgard, Windsor, Value, and JELD-WEN. We guide you through selection, ensure flawless installation, and offer maintenance. Elevate your home with our expertise across Los Angeles County where excellence meets lasting contentment.

Our comprehensive approach begins with guiding our valued customers through the process of selecting doors that perfectly complement their homes. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the flawless installation process and diligent maintenance services we provide. We recognize that outdated, lackluster, and inadequately insulated doors not only drain your financial resources but also present a consistent eyesore.



The exterior doors of your home bear the brunt of external elements, enduring the relentless onslaught of strong winds, torrential rain, intense sunlight, and condensation. These unrelenting forces gradually erode the materials, diminishing their strength and integrity. Opting for inexpensive solutions during construction may lead to a swift realization of the pitfalls of subpar workmanship.

Given that exterior doors are pivotal guardians of your home’s security, their effectiveness is of paramount importance. Serving as primary entry points, they play a significant role in both the safety and visual allure of your residence. While curb appeal might not rank highest on your construction checklist, the value of a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing home should not be underestimated. This sentiment gains further weight when considering the substantial savings achieved through enhanced insulation, as well as the tangible return on investment over time.


Much like every facet of your residence, exterior doors exhibit a diverse array of sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. While this abundance of options empowers you to discover the ideal match for your home, the sheer variety can sometimes lead to confusion. To alleviate this potential complexity, we’ve curated a list of Jasmine’s top-recommended exterior doors for your consideration below.


The enduring allure, distinct and intricate patterns, remarkable durability, and remarkable versatility of wooden doors render them an optimal choice for front doors. However, their appeal extends beyond this role, as wooden doors also create a captivating gateway from patios or garden areas. Whether fashioned from oak, cherry, or walnut, these doors seamlessly harmonize with your home’s landscaping, becoming a hallmark of elegance.

Wooden doors showcase an extensive range of types, styles, and sizes, catering to diverse preferences. Unveiling a timeless aesthetic, they exude a sense of tradition while necessitating minimal upkeep. Notably rust-resistant, wooden doors stand as reliable guardians, all while boasting remarkable insulation capabilities.

High Quality Wood Doors by T.M. Cobb
Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors by Milgard Windows and Doors


Fiberglass doors have emerged as a burgeoning trend among budget-conscious homeowners seeking an aesthetic upgrade. Setting them apart from wood, fiberglass exhibits immunity to warping, while distinguishing itself from steel through its rust-resistant nature. Remarkably lightweight yet impressively durable, fiberglass doors are celebrated for their enduring quality and demand minimal upkeep. In fact, under favorable conditions, a fiberglass door can thrive for up to two decades without the need for polishing, painting, or buffing.

Beyond these attributes, the advantages of fiberglass doors extend even further. Not only do they offer a budget-friendly alternative compared to steel or wood, but their remarkable versatility enables an array of designs that mimic the elegance of wooden doors. Alternatively, you can opt for custom designs tailored to harmonize seamlessly with your home’s exterior aesthetics. The paramount feature driving the popularity and acclaim of fiberglass doors lies in their boundless customization options, delivering exceptional value for your investment.


Steel/Security Doors are the ultimate defense for your home, built from strong 20-gauge steel that resists rust and repels potential intruders. While they may cost more than Wooden or Fiberglass doors, their lasting value outweighs the initial expense. With minimal upkeep, they endure, providing excellent insulation and temperature control. Some even feature a wooden core and high-density foam for added strength and insulation. Investing in Steel/Security Doors demonstrates your dedication to fortifying your home, merging security and enduring worth.


Storm Doors enhance your home’s protection by standing as an external shield against harsh weather, working in tandem with your existing front or patio door. With E Glass and exceptional insulation, they cut energy consumption by up to 50%, rapidly offsetting costs. Beyond savings, they prevent warping and rusting, adding resilience. Invest in Storm Doors for lasting dividends, elevating energy efficiency and fortifying your home against nature’s forces.


Windows & Doors by Jasmine offers retro-fit window replacement and exterior door replacement services in Los Angeles. Book an appointment or walk-in to our Reseda showroom and choose from our top of the line manufacturers.

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